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Pain & Injury Chiropractic Care

Dr. Nicole Pazoki


600 W. Shaw Ave., Suite 440
Fresno, CA 93704


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Dr Pazoki, D.C.  provided personalized chiropractic care with competence and compassion. She remembered the specific goals and applied her healing hands and positive attitude towards each step of the chiropractic journey. The results were consistent with her initial assessment. It is good to be in the hands of such a skilled , caring and ethical practitioner.

J. R., R.N.

"Thank you Dr. Pazoki for providing a wonderful place to come for care! The friendly, cozy and professional atmosphere, caring and individualized approach to my situation is truly appreciated. I am also greatful to the knowledge I have gained with my specific problem area of care. I am hopeful that with continued care and employing the new exercises and stretches, I have learned that I will have even more corrected posture and decreased stiffness /inflammation in my neck and back. Thank you so much for helping me to achieve this goal and taking a special interest in me, by improving my quality of life in variety of ways."

Trina H. , C.P.A.


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